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Explore How the Plasma Pen Can Breathe New Life Into Aging Skin

There’s a new procedure creating a buzz known as fibroblasting. Our experienced team at Hush L.A. Medspa, a full-service medical aesthetics practice in Los Angeles, California, utilizes plasma pens to tighten

Botox vs. Dermal Fillers: Which Is Right For You?

While both dermal fillers and Botox® help reduce signs of aging, they work in different ways. Our experienced team at Hush L.A. Medspa, a full-service medical aesthetics practice in Los Angeles,

Why Celebrities Love Microneedling to Transform Tired, Dull Skin

Looking in the mirror when you wake up can sometimes feel like a trial, especially when your skin doesn’t look as bright or radiant as it once did. It can

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Dermalinfusion® Treatments

When your goal is to improve the long-term health of your complexion, but you also want skin that’s instantly clearer, moister, and more glowing, a Dermalinfusion® hydrating facial satisfies both requirements.

3 Reasons Botox is Gaining Popularity with Men

When it comes to anti-aging techniques, Botox is arguably the grandfather of them all, having first gained FDA approval in 2002 to tackle the lines on your forehead, brows, and

Self-Conscious About Hair Loss? Platelet-Rich Plasma Can Help Regrow It

Is your hair loss making you self-conscious? Are you wearing hats to hide a receding hairline or bald spots? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments can prime your body to regrow hair.

Get a Thread Lift and Look Years Younger Without Any Down Time

Have you ever wondered if there is an option for facial rejuvenation that doesn’t require surgery, one that can provide you with the same benefits of a facelift but that

Microneedling With PRP: Why it’s Become the Hottest Skin Rejuvenation Combo

If you stay on top of beauty trends, you may have heard that many people are combining microneedling and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to get great-looking skin. These treatments are

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair for Good: Laser Hair Removal

Dealing with unwanted body hair can get time-consuming. Between shaving, waxing, plucking, the maintenance really adds up. If you’re ready to get rid of your unwanted body hair once and