Buffalo hump treatment with Morpheus 8

Excess fat can accumulate anywhere on the body, including the back.  Today’s topic is about buffalo hump which refers to a collection of excess fat behind the neck that causes the shoulders to develop a hump-like shape. It can be caused by a variety of underlying conditions or medications.

Treatment of a buffalo hump is largely dependent on the cause. If the underlying cause is due to medication use, a healthcare professional may want to alter the medication dosage or stop it altogether. In the case of Cushing syndrome, surgery, prescription medications, or other treatments may be required to address the elevated cortisol levels.

For many people, diet and exercise alone won’t eliminate the enlarged fat, which forms the buffalo hump, due to the fat that develops being more fibrous than that which develops in other areas. This is because the neck typically contains more scar tissue and other dense materials.

Neck Hump treatments

What is a buffalo hump?

The buffalo hump (dorsocervical fat pad) is a fat accumulation behind the neck that develops into a hump.

A buffalo hump is often associated with the bad posture of sitting with your head forward. Slouching for hours can lead the body to protect the spine by developing a fat pad.

Most buffalo humps are not harmful, though there are instances when they can point to underlying health concerns. Some people feel pain and discomfort from a dorsocervical fat pad, finding it difficult to move their head and neck.

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Buffalo hump treatments

Physical therapy and massage

A physical therapist can help you work with your body, advising some specific neck hump exercises and massages to correct your posture and reduce that buffalo hump.

The activities advised may be anything from daily targeted exercises to a heavy-duty course of massage, designed to put you back together again.


It is always recommended to attempt to lose excess fat with diet and exercise first; however, it is impossible to spot-treat specific areas – including buffalo humps. Often, it will be very challenging to get rid of a buffalo hump through diet and exercise alone, but especially true if your buffalo hump is due to medications or another medical reason which would need to be treated first.

Liposuction of the upper back is another surgical method to reduce the size and contour the shape of the back to reduce or eliminate the appearance of a buffalo hump.

The buffalo hump treatment procedure with Morpheus8

Many of you prefer to try other non-surgical methods to achieve your desired goals. Fortunately, patients don’t have to go under the knife to treat buffalo hump. Morpheus 8 treatment is known for its skin-regeneration and youth-enhancing abilities, which can also help to eliminate excess fat in the back.

Morpheus 8 for buffalo hump treatment is an incredibly transformative fractional skin therapy treatment that achieves dramatic results in renewing and lifting the skin for improved texture, laxity, and structure.

buffalo hump treatment with Morpheus 8 before
buffalo hump treatment with Morpheus 8 after


A topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin approximately 45 minutes before your Morpheus 8 treatment begins. This will help to minimize any discomfort that you may experience. Once your skin is numbed appropriately, the handheld device is placed over the skin where it will emit radiofrequency energy that targets the deeper layers of the skin to start producing collagen and elastin, two of the building blocks needed for skin regeneration. The warmth also helps to liquefy fat in the cells, so that it can be metabolized and passed out of the body, reducing the amount of fat in the target area. At the same time, the ultra-fine needles will create dozens of micro-injuries to the skin which also stimulates the healing response. During buffalo hump treatment patients may feel some warmth and tingling but shouldn’t experience any pain. The entire process should take around half an hour, excluding numbing time.

You can expect to start seeing results quickly. And since the buffalo hump treatment with Morpheus 8 removes the fat cells in the problem area, most people do not have to worry about their hump returning.

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