From red to radiant. 5 best treatments for rosacea

If you are annoyed by rosacea, you are already aware of its visible veins, redness, flushing, and, in certain situations, unsightly pus-filled pimples. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that affects approximately 5% of the adult population. Although the symptoms can be very isolating, rosacea is a very common disorder.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that occurs on the face. It causes redness and small bumps that are similar to acne.  It most commonly affects the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin but some people can experience symptoms on their neck, back, scalp, arms, and legs. Though it may affect people with any skin tone, it primarily affects those with pale skin. Although rosacea can develop at any age, starting in childhood, young adults are the most likely to have it.

Although it affects women more frequently, it may also impact males more severely.

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The main symptoms of rosacea

Rosacea symptoms may vary from person to person. They often begin with easy blushing and flushing of the facial skin. Then redness will last around the nose area. Over time, the area of redness extends to the rest of the face.

Flushing: Flushing happens often and lasts a while. The areas affected are the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and neck. The flushing can come and go. It is made worse by triggers.

Chronic redness: Redness of the face that won’t go away is the most common sign of rosacea. It looks like a sunburn.

Visible blood vessels: Small blood vessels that look like thin, red lines become visible on your skin.

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Bumps and Pimples: Small red solid bumps or pus-filled pimples often develop. While these may resemble acne, blackheads are absent, and burning or stinging may occur.

Thickened skin: The skin thickens or creates extra skin tissue. It most often affects the nose, causing it to be enlarged and bulbous. It can also occur on the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Eye irritation: Many people with rosacea also have dry, irritated, swollen eyes and eyelids. This is known as ocular rosacea. Eye symptoms may show up before, after, or at the same time as skin symptoms.

Dry skin։ The skin in the center of your face may be dry, rough, and scaly.

Burning or stinging: Your face can feel like it is burning or stinging. Itching can also occur, but it is not common.

Swelling: Rosacea can cause your face to swell.

Causes of rosacea

The exact cause of rosacea is not known but may be due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It is known, however, that a variety of factors can trigger an overreaction of facial blood vessels and increased blood flow to the skin surface, causing skin flushing and inflammation.

These factors include excess alcohol, hot drinks, spicy foods, smoking, stress, excessive exposure to sunlight, or extreme hot or cold temperatures, strong winds, some facial creams, including sunscreens, and cosmetics.

Best treatments for rosacea

Several procedures help in the fight against rosacea. They are:

1. Morpheus8

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The innovative new medical gadget Morpheus8 activates the body’s healing processes at the subdermal cellular level by fusing radiofrequency technology with the science of microneedling. During microneedling, the dermis, or lower layers of skin, is punctured through the epidermis, or top layer of skin, using incredibly tiny needles. The body views the small needle pricks as “micro-injuries,” which prompts the body’s natural healing processes.

As the Morpheus8 needles penetrate the skin, gentle but powerful radiofrequency (RF) waves are delivered into the tissue. The RF thermal energy also stimulates the body’s repair response – healing inflammation and restoring skin to a healthy state.

2. DiamondGlow

Diamond Glow facial before-after Los Angeles

DiamondGlow facial is a well-liked skincare procedure that exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores using wands with diamond tips. The device exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and dirt, and helps serums penetrate more deeply into the skin. DiamondGlow is considered a safe procedure for most people. It can help heal acne scars. It is especially effective in treating active acne caused by rosacea when your skin becomes red and itchy soon after it starts to break out.

3. Chemical peels

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The redness and swollen blood vessels that are frequently linked to rosacea can be effectively managed with low-concentration superficial chemical peels. A chemical peel can also be used to treat the acne-like bumps that rosacea can cause, by exfoliating the top layer of the skin, which is then replaced by new, healthier skin cells.

4. Microneedling

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Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure in which microscopic skin incisions are made using tiny needles. This starts the body’s natural healing process, which tightens the skin and produces collagen. This means that, by stimulating collagen production, this procedure can help strengthen blood vessels, and reduce their visibility. In simpler terms, microneedling can lead to a smoother skin tone and a considerable improvement in discoloration caused by rosacea. Because microneedling can help decrease inflammation and increase blood circulation, it can be useful in treating rosacea.

5. Lumecca IPL

Lumecca IPL treatment for face redness Los Angeles

Lumecca IPL works using a device that emits specific wavelengths of light to target the red and brown pigments of the dermis. As a result, the pigments absorb the light and are effectively eliminated.

Lumecca IPL rejuvenation is indispensable, to remove rosacea from large areas of the face, which include the chin, forehead, and cheeks. Photo flashes are safe and do not leave scars, and the redness caused by light flashes disappears after a couple of hours.


The journey to effectively manage and treat rosacea involves a combination of understanding, patience, and a tailored approach. By incorporating a comprehensive skincare routine, identifying triggers, and exploring both medical and holistic interventions, individuals with rosacea due to the above procedures can take significant steps towards achieving clearer, calmer skin.

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