From dark to light. Advanced solutions for liver spots

Liver spots also known as age spots or solar lentigines are the result of excess melanin in your skin, which is increased pigment resulting in brown, flat spots commonly found on people over 40 or those who have frequent sun exposure. They are cosmetic and are generally not cause for concern. They are harmless, but some people wish to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

What are liver spots?

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Liver spots, commonly referred to as age spots or solar lentigines, are a benign dermatologic condition that causes dark-colored spots to develop on the skin. Liver spots are flat, brown, black, or gray spots They are most common for people with light-colored skin who are over the age of 40, but anyone can develop liver spots. These spots appear on the parts of the body that receive regular or frequent exposure to the sun’s damaging UVA/B rays. So they often show up on skin areas with sun exposure, such as your face, shoulders, hands, or arms, and the tops of your feet.

Main causes of liver spots

  1. Sun exposure

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The primary cause of liver spots is prolonged and repeated exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. UV rays accelerate the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, leading to localized areas of increased pigmentation. The use of artificial UV light from tanning beds can also contribute to the development of liver spots.

  1. Natural aging process

As the skin ages, its ability to regenerate and repair damage decreases. This reduced regenerative capacity makes older skin more susceptible to the cumulative effects of sun exposure over the years, leading to age spots.

  1. Skin type and genetics

Individuals with lighter skin are more prone to liver spots because they have less melanin, which offers some protection against UV radiation.

Genetics also can play a role in how prone a person is to developing liver spots. If your parents or grandparents had age spots, you might be more likely to develop them as well.

  1. Hormonal changes

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Changes in hormone levels, such as those that occur during pregnancy, menopause, or with the use of certain medications (e.g., birth control pills), can make skin more sensitive to sun exposure and increase the likelihood of developing liver spots.

  1. Lifestyle factors

People who spend a lot of time outdoors without adequate sun protection are at higher risk.

Effective treatments for living spots

Chemical peels

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Chemical peels are an effective treatment for melasma, a condition where skin cells produce too much pigment that leads to patches of tan, brown, or gray. Chemical peels are a popular and effective non-surgical treatment for age spots (age spots or solar lentigines). They work by applying a chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the outer layers, promoting the growth of new, less pigmented skin. This method involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to remove the top layers.

New, smoother skin forms to take its place. Redness lasts up to several weeks. You might need several treatments before you notice any results. Chemical peels can be an effective treatment for liver spots, improving skin appearance and boosting overall skin health.

DiamondGlow to treat liver spots

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DiamondGlow is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that can help improve the appearance of liver spots. DiamondGlow is a versatile and effective treatment for liver spots, offering immediate and long-term improvements in skin tone and texture. Exfoliation, extraction, and serum infusion combination can help reduce the appearance of liver spots and enhance overall skin health. The active ingredients in these serums depend on the specific serum chosen to address the individual’s skin concerns, such as liver spots and hyperpigmentation.

After treatment, your skin will appear brighter, fresher, and healthier! You will notice your skin feels smoother and looks clearer. You will also notice a more even tone. Beyond treatment, you can expect improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, dryness, dark spots, discoloration, and dull skin.

Lumecca IPL

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Lumecca IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a popular and effective treatment for age spots. This advanced IPL technology uses high-intensity light to target and break down the pigmentation in liver spots, resulting in clearer and more evenly toned skin. It works by targeting the skin with intense pulsed light, which is absorbed by the pigment (red or brown) and then converted into heat. This destroys the pigmentation without harming the surrounding tissue.

Our bodies then clear away the damaged cells naturally. Lumecca is a breakthrough intense pulsed light (IPL) that delivers up to 3X more energy in the 500-600 nm range to improve efficacy for vascular and pigmented lesions. Lumecca improves the appearance of age spots, sun damage, rosacea, freckles, vascular lesions, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation and can be combined with complementary treatments such as Morpheus8, for those wanting to target jowls or sagging skin.


Microneedling before-after Los Angeles

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic treatment known for its ability to improve skin texture and skin tone problems in just a few sessions. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure that can be effective in treating age spots. This treatment involves using fine needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin, which stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, including collagen production and cell turnover. 

Microneedling is a safe and effective treatment for reducing the appearance of liver spots, promoting overall skin rejuvenation and improvement in texture. It works by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, increasing collagen production, and enhancing cell turnover.  Combining microneedling with other topical treatments and diligent sun protection can further enhance the results and help maintain a clear, even complexion.

Achieving clear and even-toned skin requires a combination of effective treatments and preventive measures. With these available options, individuals can choose the most appropriate treatment to address their age spots and enhance their skin’s appearance. Regular follow-up treatments and diligent sun protection can help maintain the results and prevent the recurrence of liver spots, contributing to healthier and more radiant skin over the long term.

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