Cheek Fillers: Sculpting Your Features for a Natural Volume Boost

If your cheekbones are low or hardly noticeable, you might be considering getting cheek fillers, commonly known as dermal fillers.

Nowadays, one of the most popular injectables in many med spas and aesthetic clinics is facial fillers. Every year, millions of individuals receive cosmetic fillers to minimize the effects of aging on different areas of the face like the cheeks. Injecting cheeks is becoming a more and more common procedure, and several types of dermal filler material can be utilized for this treatment.

What are cheek fillers?

Cheek filler is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that gives your cheeks a fuller, more defined look.

Cheek filler is a form of dermal filler where gel-like substances are made of cross-linked sugar molecules that are injected under the skin to add volume and structure to the face. They’re commonly used to provide the look of youth; basically, as we age, less collagen is generated in our faces, which causes our faces to lose volume. One technique to counteract that volume loss is using cheek filler.

Cheek fillers a.k.a dermal fillers, are used to elevate the cheeks, provide volume, and treat mild hollowness or drooping that results from aging or weight loss in the midface. Hyaluronic acid, which the body naturally produces and which aids in moisture retention and volume addition, is usually what makes them up. For people who wish to seem younger and plumper without having surgery or more extensive treatments, dermal fillers for the cheeks are a great choice.

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How does the cheek filler procedure work?

Weight loss, smoking, medical disorders, and prolonged exposure to heat and light can all contribute to the loss of face volume. It can also be a result of an individual’s lifestyle and health. However, the loss of volume can be restored and treated using specialized facial dermal fillers, a non-surgical and non-invasive option for many.

Cheek filler treatment using dermal fillers instantly helps restore plumpness to the cheeks. This is done by injecting strategically to the mid-face for fuller and defined cheekbones. The fillers used for the mid-face area are made of hyaluronic acid, which is safe and approved for use in the cheeks and face.

The filler under the skin is filled in all the appropriate regions by gently injecting the injection through a single hole on each side of the cheeks. The danger of bleeding, edema, and vascular problems can be decreased by opening just one entrance port on each side. We recommend not drinking any alcoholic drinks a couple of days before the treatment, to avoid major bruising and swelling.

After both sides of the cheeks are filled and massaged well, you will be able to see instant plumpness, contour, and structure to your cheekbones.

Being awake and able to participate in therapy while witnessing and experiencing the change taking place is one of the many advantages of this non-surgical method.

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Who is a good candidate for cheek filler?

  • Have lost cheek or mid-face volume due to the aging process.
  • Have deflated, sunken, and under-projected cheeks.
  • Wish to lessen the visibility of “smile lines,” or profound nasolabial folds.
  • Young people who want to add volume to their cheeks or contour their faces.

The benefits of cheek filler injection

  • Defined, enhanced facial contours
  • Restore lost volume
  • Improve the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Younger, slimmer appearance

What are the best fillers for cheeks?

There are many fillers available in the market that lift the cheeks, but only some offer optimal results. At Hush LA Medspa, we use FDA-approved fillers which stand out for their long-lasting effects and strength.

The best filler for cheeks depends on the patient’s facial structure, age, weight, and desired outcome. The consistency of fillers used in this area of the face differs from the lip fillers, fillers for marionette lines, nasolabial fold fillers, and other fillers. While some dermal fillers are specifically made for the cheek area, others are utilized off-label to give the midface more volume.

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The primary component of Sculptra, poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), aids in the restoration of lost collagen and facial volume, producing results that are gradual and organic. The FDA has authorized Sculptra for the enhancement of cheeks and the removal of wrinkles. The effects of the filler might last up to two years for patients, sometimes longer. Typically, Sculptra patients require three treatments spread out over three or four months.

Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma is one of the most popular hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Juvederm Voluma is the most popular injection for restoring lost collagen and volume loss for the cheek area, jawline, and mid-face.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, like Juvederm Voluma, are perfect for lifting and contouring the cheekbones with beautiful and natural-looking cosmetic results. The anti-aging effects of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm Voluma, last for approximately one year after injection.

Revanesse Versa

Revanesse Versa is made from hyaluronic acid. It is a newer dermal filler on the market, with patients reporting fewer side effects (e.g., swelling).

Versa is indicated for use in nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips, and mental creases (lines above the chin), but many cosmetic providers use it off-label to enhance the cheeks. The expected duration of results is one year.

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Restylane, one of the most well-known dermal fillers, is an injectable with a hyaluronic base that functions best around the lips and eyes. It can reduce cheek depression, minimize wrinkles and hollowness, and restore lost volume. Its variant called Restylane Lyft is specially designed for the cheek and midface area.

Take away

Cheek fillers can significantly enhance your overall appearance and give you a more youthful, renewed appearance by volumizing and elevating your cheeks. Cheek fillers are ideal for patients with mild to moderate facial sagging and skin laxity who are looking for a natural result with minimal downtime.

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