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Signs of aging are easy to spot. Hair turns gray, muscles weaken, and vision and hearing diminish. But the first sign we see in the mirror, and the first clue others notice, is in the skin. Years of sun and weather have caused damage that starts to show when your body stops pumping out a lot of collagen.  Collagen and elastin are the two building blocks of youthful skin. They give structure and vitality to the skin, but the production of collagen and elastin decreases with time.

The loss of collagen and elastin is a major factor in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging. Fortunately, there are several technologies that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers, which can lead to rejuvenated, younger-looking skin. In addition to a daily medicated skincare routine and diligent sun protection, certain treatments can stimulate the production of these important components.

reduce signs of aging with Morpheus8

Reduce signs of aging via Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that combines micro-needling with radio frequency (RF) energy. This treatment uses fine needles to transmit energy deep into the skin. This microtrauma stimulates the body’s natural healing response, which promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the body. Because both your dermis and epidermis (the lower and upper layers of the skin) are affected, you will see profound skin transformation and renewal.

 While Morpheus8 can be used to improve fine lines and wrinkles from aging, the treatment also has several other benefits. With a series of three treatments 4-6 weeks apart, Morpheus8 can tighten loose skin, even out skin texture, treat hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, and also fade stretch marks. Morpheus8 also offers the added benefit of reducing subcutaneous fat in the treated area.

Morpheus8 can be used on the face, jaw, and neck, and anywhere on the body, including the stomach, arms, buttocks, and thighs. Morpheus8 can also be used on sensitive skin around the eyes, which improves the quality, tone, and texture of the skin, brightening the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Morpheus8 for signs of aging before-after

Benefits of Morpheus8 for signs of aging

1. Wrinkles and lines

Since the loss of collagen causes your skin to sag, it makes sense that adding it back would have the opposite effect. As the collagen fibers begin to form a new, stronger scaffolding under the surface of your skin, the outer layer is lifted and smoothed, regaining its youthful texture.

Small structural wrinkles disappear and deeper lines, such as those that form in vertical rows above the upper lip, fill in and fade away.

2. Scars and stretch marks

Most people have a few scars and stretch marks here and there. But that doesn’t mean you want to show them off to the world. Although Morpheus8 cannot completely remove these marks, it can significantly soften their appearance by targeting dark pigments, breaking up scar tissue (especially acne scars), and restoring collagen. 

Morpheus8 treatment abdomen Los Angeles

3. Spots and sun damage

One typical feature of aged skin is sun spots, also known as age spots or liver spots. They occur when melanin, the pigment in your skin, clumps together and appears as a spot on the skin. It gives your skin a flaky, uneven tone that lets the world know you’ve been around for a while. Morpheus8 breaks up these melanin packets and separates the particles so your body can flush them away. 

4. Bags and sags

Skin that has lost collagen and elastin tends to sag. As you age, you lose the layer of fat that once gave your skin a smooth look and feel, and as a result, it changes the shape of your face. Your cheeks may look sunken, you may have chronic bags under your eyes, and you may have jowls on your chin. Morpheus8 tightens the skin from the inside, eliminating the signs of aging. 

5. Enlarged pores

Some people are born with larger pores than others, but even if your pores were small when you were young, they can get bigger as you get older. When the skin loses its elasticity, the skin surrounding the pores is no longer as tight as before. But Morpheus8 corrects this by tightening the skin and closing pores.

Reasons to choose Morpheus8 treatment for signs of aging

1. Results are immediately visible, after which they continue to improve. Morpheus8 stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which means that results will improve several months after treatment. As your body begins to produce more of these essential proteins (which our bodies produce less and less as we age), the skin will gain an increasingly more youthful appearance.

2. Morpheus8 reduces the signs of aging on your face and entire body. The signs of aging are most often seen on our faces; but other parts of our body age too! Morpheus8 can reduce the signs of aging throughout the body, including the face, neck, décolletage, breasts, abdomen, back, waist, hips, buttocks, knees, and thighs.

3. Morpheus8 treatment does not keep you “down”. Patients are often surprised to be able to return to work the day after Morpheus8 treatment. Other treatments and procedures require patients to recover in the hospital or at home for several days.

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