Is Morpheus8 good for skin rejuvenation?

For women, the delicate age begins after 30 years. The first wrinkles, skin defects, and other signs of aging are beginning to be noticed both by us and those around us.

Many are thinking that these problems can be solved with the help of home remedies, creams, etc. With age, the regeneration of our skin is significantly weakened. The natural tone decreases, and the quality and quantity of elastin and collagen in the skin decreases.

Benefits of skin rejuvenation with Morpheus8

The microneedle fractional technology of Morpheus8 involves the introduction of maniple electrodes into the skin. As a result, tissues that are located deep in the dermis are heated to over 140F. Such a temperature causes a completely controlled coagulation of structures. This is manifested by the launch of a pronounced remodeling of the skin.

The heat then is dispersed to neighboring areas. Due to this, metabolism is stimulated at the cellular level, and the regeneration processes are accelerated.

In addition, there is an increase in the mitotic activity of fibroblast cells. Due to microscopic injuries caused by thin needles, the process of restriction is significantly enhanced, and immunity as a whole is normalized.

Skin rejuvenation via Morpheus 8 does not require any specific preparation.

The duration of the procedure does not exceed 30 minutes.

Morpheus8 microneedling Los Angeles

Morpheus8 treatment of the face and décolleté

Features of the procedure

Morpheus8 will be an ideal solution if you have the following indications:

  • dull skin
  • defects (vascular lesions, age spots) uneven skin color
  • the presence of wrinkles
  • flabbiness of the skin
  • photoaging, age-related aging of the skin
  • post-acne scars
  • problematic and oily skin
  • stretch marks, scars
  • penetration to the level of subcutaneous fat to a depth of 4 mm
  • the depth of penetration is automatically adjusted depending on the treatment area
  • heating up to a depth of 5 mm
  • fairly even heating
  • no visible damage to the epidermis (coated needles)


Morpheus8 scars treatment before-after Los Angeles

Morpheus8 treatment consists of the following steps:

Device safety

cleansing the skin from cosmetics and dust, disinfecting the skin

  • use of a local anesthetic
  • the equipment is configured individually for the parameters of the patient
  • the impact of the maniple on the face and décolleté area, heating the epidermis
  • re-treatment of the skin with an antiseptic
  • with the targeted exposure to radio waves, you may feel a slight tingling and warmth.

To get the best results out of this procedure, you should follow certain recommendations:

  • it is forbidden to visit the sauna, solarium, and swimming pool for one week
  • you should stop using decorative cosmetics (at least 3 days)
  • it is necessary to protect the skin from UV radiation.

Only disposable tips are used during the Morpheus8 procedure, and they are equipped with isolated microneedles. The nozzle has minimal effect on the skin. Thanks to this, the recovery period was reduced to just a few days. The skin is reliably protected from burns. Traces of the treatment disappear on their own within a few hours. You will see a significant reduction in skin pigmentation after the procedure.

The Morpheus8 nozzle has thin gold-plated needles. It is through them that high-frequency impulses are transmitted to the deep dermal layers. Due to this, the destruction of old collagen occurs. As for the depth of penetration, it all depends on the treatment area and skin type. With targeted exposure to pulses, there is no damage to the epidermis. The rejuvenation process starts due to the activation of the production of elastin and collagen. To obtain the best result, you should go through a course of procedures – 2-3 sessions at intervals of 1-1.5 months.

Morpheus 8 facial treatment Los Angeles

Contraindications for Morpheus8 treatment

Benefits of using Morpheus 8 for facial and body rejuvenation

The procedure is forbidden to be carried out in the presence of the following contraindications:

  • oncology
  • viral diseases, fever
  • Age restrictions (18 years and older)
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • problems with the heart and blood vessels
  • dermatitis, skin diseases
  • the presence of moles in the treatment area
  • electrical intolerance

The Morpheus8 handpiece by InMode is one of the innovations in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. This device is an excellent symbiosis of laser, radio frequency, and IPL technologies. Thanks to these innovations, you will get amazing results for facial, décolleté, and body rejuvenation. This is an excellent alternative to full-fledged plastic surgery, a universal possibility of skin rejuvenation.

The rejuvenation procedure via Morpheus 8 allows you to:

  • rejuvenate the skin
  • achieve a noticeable lifting effect
  • get an even skin tone
  • remove hyperpigmentation
  • flabbiness of the skin
  • Deep nasolabial folds
  • Bags and swelling under the eyes
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • clear skin from acne
  • eliminate fine wrinkles, and scars
  • remodel the skin, and increase its density and tone.

How long will the Morpheus 8 results last?

What's the recovery period?

The aesthetic effect lasts for 8 or more months, depending on the condition of the skin, individual characteristics and lifestyle of the patient, and compliance with the recommendations. To prolong the result, you may need 1 maintenance procedure per year.

Erythema (redness) and swelling of the skin may occur immediately after the procedure, which is temporary. Erythema on the face can last from 1 to 3 days and on the neck for up to 7 days. You may feel a burning sensation after the procedure, during the first day. The formation of a crust and peeling of the skin will start in the following days. The recovery period is 3-7 days.

If desired, it is possible to combine Morpheus 8 treatment with the following procedures:

  • Thread lifting, filler installation
  • Biorevitalization
  • Botulinum therapy
  • Lumecca IPL

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