Sculptra injection for cheek wrinkles

Sculptra is the first and original FDA-approved PLLA collagen stimulator that, when injected into the cheek area, helps stimulate natural collagen production to smooth cheek wrinkles and improve skin quality such as firmness and radiance. These results last up to 2 years.

What happens when we get old?

Young skin is smooth and elastic and contains large amounts of collagen, which helps the skin look healthy. As we age, the skin’s ability to produce collagen decreases and fat loss occurs around the face, making the face look aged and wrinkled.

Facial wasting is one of the symptoms of a syndrome called lipoatrophy, which describes the loss of the soft layer of fat under the skin (subcutaneous adipose tissue). Fat loss is most noticeable on the cheeks and temple area of ​​the face.

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Sculptra treatment

Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) is a substance that has traditionally been used as a component of dissolvable sutures and soft tissue implants. Sculptra is made from a synthetic material and is a biodegradable, substance, which means it breaks down and is naturally excreted from the body and is able to stimulate your body’s natural collagen as it breaks down. Patients will see full results from Sculptra’s volumizing and restorative formula after 4-6 weeks of treatment or multiple treatments spaced approximately one month apart.

Sculptra is designed to be injected deep into the dermis where it provides enhanced structural support and acts as a new collagen stimulator, resulting in firmer, tighter, and overall younger-looking skin. Before the injections, Sculptra is mixed with the local anesthetic lidocaine, which makes the treatment essentially painless for the patient. For sensitive patients, a topical numbing cream can be used to further reduce discomfort. A numbing cream should be applied to clean skin one hour before the injection and removed after the skin has been sterilized before treatment.

Sculptra Filler for cheek wrinkles Before-After Los Angeles

Sculptra injections for cheek wrinkles

Sculptra is a highly effective treatment that restores lost volume and fills in fine lines and cheek wrinkles. According to some studies, Sculptra was a highly effective treatment option for patients, with 94% of patients still noting an improved appearance of cheek wrinkles two years post-treatment.

Poly-L-lactic acid solution is injected into the treatment area with a very fine needle to fill wrinkles and boost collagen production at the treatment area. As we age, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, which means that the structural support of the skin and tissues decreases, leading to sagging skin and deep cheek wrinkles. Sculptra fights the natural aging process by stimulating the increased production of collagen, which helps restore tissue volume and structure. Sculptra can be injected into the cheeks to contour the area, restore lost volume and fill in fine lines and cheek wrinkles.

Sculptra is a smart way to reduce cheek wrinkles. This treatment has many advantages over other dermal injections. The stimulation of collagen production, the natural results, and the duration of the treatment are all very attractive reasons to consider this treatment.

Sculptra for cheek wrinkles FAQs

The amount of filler needed for cheek wrinkles depends on several factors, including the severity of collagen loss, the depth of the wrinkles, and the patient’s natural facial shape.

The short answer is no. At your first visit, Sculptra may appear to have worked immediately due to swelling from the injections and the water used to dilute Sculptra. After a few days, as the swelling goes down and the water is absorbed into the body, you may look the same as before the treatment.

Sculptra works for a long time and results should be visible after about 6 weeks. Your medical professional will see you in a few weeks to decide if you need more Sculptra injections.

Results from Sculptra tend to look much more natural compared to dermal fillers. This is due to the continuous collagen stimulation process that the Sculptra injection produces. This creates a softer fullness that looks more natural and less plump. The slow release of results also allows you to choose how much Sculptra is comfortable for you and your doctor to inject. The gradual process helps achieve the subtle and natural results.

Sculptra results last longer than other injection procedures. Unlike most hyaluronic acid treatments, which only last a few months, Sculptra can last up to two years. Sculptra usually requires three injections over three to four months, and then the results last up to two years. Sculptra treatments last longer because it stimulates your own cells to produce more collagen.

The great thing about Sculptra is that there is no downtime. You can return to your normal activities almost immediately, although there may be some swelling for the first couple of days. Bruising is also possible, but it will disappear after a week or two.

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