5 reasons why you should consider Lumecca IPL treatment

Lumecca is the most powerful High-Intensity Light (IPL) laser system for the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. After just one application, the patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and the skin gets clearer.

A detailed description of facial and skin Lumecca IPL treatment

The photorejuvenation procedure is aimed at eliminating various skin defects. The phototherapy procedure allows you to increase the metabolic and regenerative processes in skin cells. You will notice the result after the first session. The main advantages of this procedure are its high efficiency and the absolute absence of traumatic effects on the skin; the procedure itself is safe and painless.

brown spot removal with Lumecca IPL treatment before-after

The principle of photorejuvenation using the lumecca nozzle

For skin rejuvenation and treatment of dermatological pathologies, impulsive light (IPL – “intense pulsed light”) is used, which acts simultaneously on three levels – hemoglobin, melanin and water.

The principle of action is the temperature effect on hemoglobin. The light beam is absorbed by hemoglobin, the blood heats up and the vessels coagulate. Excess vessels “collapse” and the movement of blood through them stops. This effect is called photorejuvenation.

The InMode Lumecca handpiece provides the ability to treat a wide variety of skin types and address a variety of skin problems ranging from unwanted facial pigmentation, superficial vascularity, skin texture disturbances, and photodamage. The large spot size and the high pulse frequency of Lumecca IPL reduce the treatment time. During the procedure, your skin does not overheat, and the built-in cooling system with a sapphire tip makes the procedure almost painless.

A little scientific fact about the technology: the Lumecca nozzle uses IPL technology (IPL – “intense pulsed light”) with a modified spectral range. Lumecca amplifies short wavelengths in the 500-600 nm range by 40% more than standard IPL, providing higher energy density in the peak light absorption range of melanin and hemoglobin.

lumecca IPL treatment dark spot removal Los Angeles

Indications for IPL

Pigmentation removal via Lumecca IPL

Removal of vessels and spider veins via Lumecca IPL

The light pulses of Lumecca cause the melanin contained in the skin cells to disintegrate, which leads to the disappearance of pigmentation. At the same time, the skin in the treatment area acquires tone and elasticity, enlarged pores narrow, and metabolism in the tissues is restored.

The skin complexion is brightened and evened out right after the first procedure, and the effect persists for a long time. It is necessary to have a course of Lumecca IPL treatments in order to get rid of extensive age spots. As a rule, it includes from 2 to 4-5 sessions, which are held at intervals of one month. The course is recommended for people suffering from severe photoaging of the skin.

The second main advantage of this procedure is the painless, quick, and safe removal of blood vessels and vascular networks. When removing blood vessels and spider veins, the effect is carried out at the level of the dermis, where the radiation is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, a natural pigment that is part of red blood cells.

The energy of light is transformed into thermal energy, the walls of the vessel are “soldered” and it ceases to function. Photorejuvenation of the skin is universal – it successfully eliminates all types of dilated vessels: blue and red, small and large (up to 0.059” in diameter). The procedure itself with Lumecca takes no more than half an hour and is absolutely painless.

IPL for pigmentation

Various types of vascular formations

Couperose removal via Lumecca IPL treatment

Lumecca IPL treatment for rosacea (enlarged facial blood vessels)

IPL rejuvenation is indispensable, if necessary, to remove rosacea from large areas of the face, which include the chin, forehead, and cheeks. Photocoagulation also shows good results when treating the body, such as the legs. Photo flashes are absolutely safe and do not leave scars, and the redness caused by light flashes disappears after a couple of hours.

The main advantage of photorejuvenation over other methods of fighting rosacea is its complex effect on the skin, due to which there is a simultaneous removal of dilated vessels and general skin rejuvenation.

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness and dilated blood vessels and, in more severe cases, noticeable “pink papules”. Phototherapy for rosacea will significantly improve the condition of your skin – it will even out its color and reduce the number of inflammatory elements.

Facial rejuvenation by photocoagulation has its own rules. In particular, we are talking about a less aggressive impulse action due to a change in the wavelength. This makes it possible to treat areas with very thin and sensitive skin, as in rosacea (wings of the nose, cheekbones, chin). With rosacea, there is an improvement in the condition of the dermis after the first procedure.

IPL for rosacea

Acne treatment via Lumecca IPL

Lumecca IPL treatment (photorejuvenation) for hands

Lumecca IPL treatment shows excellent results in the treatment of acne and post-acne conditions. During the procedure, Lumecca radiation affects a special pigment – porphyrin, which contributes to the formation of singlet oxygen deposited on cell membranes. As a result, the membranes are destroyed, and the activity of the sebaceous glands is reduced.

By the strength of the bactericidal effect, photorejuvenation ranks first among other hardware methods. In addition to acne treatment, Lumecca IPL treatment by InMode enhances microcirculation, strengthens the immune system, and has a beneficial effect on skin tone and elasticity.

Everyone knows that the age of a woman is given out by the neck and hands. After forty years, the skin becomes flabby and wrinkled, and direct sunlight and an unfavorable environment dilate blood vessels and provoke the appearance of age spots. To rejuvenate the hands, professionals use Lumecca IPL by InMode.

Lumecca technology is based on the selective absorption of radiation by dyed fabrics, which causes them to heat up and break down. It is important that the impact of the device does not apply to healthy tissues. You will see how the affected vessels and pigmentation disappear after the first procedure.

Acne treatment via IPL
Lumecca IPL on hands Los Angeles

5 reasons to do Lumecca IPL treatment - Removal of pigmentation

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1 High performance

The nozzle is equipped with a xenon lamp, due to which the energy is increased several times compared to other IPL systems. Such an improvement guarantees greater installation efficiency and expands the list of indications.

2 Versatility

Lumecca is a versatile handpiece and allows you to achieve high results in pigmentation, removal of blood vessels, and skin rejuvenation treatment.

3 Comfort

The nozzle is equipped with a special cooling tip, which allows you to carry out the procedure painlessly.

4 Safe techniques

The integrity of the skin is not violated, and the patient does not experience discomfort during the procedure.

5 Pigmentation removal with the Lumecca handpiece is the most effective technique that allows you to achieve an excellent effect in a minimum number of procedures.

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