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Get rid of cellulite fat

We have all heard about cellulite fat and its symptoms. More than 80% of women have been suffering from cellulite fat for over 150 years. Until recently, no one knew anything about cellulite, and it turns out that everyone has it.

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Causes of cellulite fat

In 1998, a group of scientists announced the results of studies on the possible causes of cellulite. It turned out that the reason is not only excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and toxins that gradually enter the body from the environment or food. The main cause of the appearance of cellulite fat is the improper distribution of fat under the skin.

Our body is protected by subcutaneous fats, which help us maintain the right body temperature, as well as stabilize the pressure when we sit at the table and protect our bones. The fat layer contains collagen fibers that are attached to the inside of the skin and the outer layers of muscles.

QWO cellulite fat treatment Los Angeles

Collagen fibers in the male and female body

Recent studies have shown that collagen fibers differ between men and women. In men, the fibers run diagonally across the skin, pushing the fat down and keeping the skin soft. These studies allowed scientists to answer the question of n why men do not have cellulite.

In women, unlike men, collagen fibers are located perpendicular to the skin and form into narrow cylinders. If fat cells accumulate in these cylinders, they cause cellulite, which is predominantly caused by overweight women. Why do thin women also have problems with cellulite? Excess fat that is pushed out of the cylinder is not the cause of cellulite here. So why do skinny people have cellulite?

Researchers have shown that there are two types of cellulite. The first is when the structure of the fatty partitions differs from the normal one. In cellulite, the collagen fibers are not thin, but, on the contrary, are extremely thickened. When you press on the fat fold, the fat is pushed up and creates bumps on the skin. Scientists also found that cellulite contains more proteoglycans, which absorb more water than normal. Thus, water enters the cellulite areas and settles there, which leads to the appearance of an “orange peel”.

QWO cellulite fat treatment Los Angeles

Types of Cellulite

In the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, published in 2009, doctors were able to establish a scale for the severity of cellulite. There are three grades of cellulite from 1 to 3.

Grade 1 – (mild) superficial dimple with an “orange peel” appearance and 1-4 small depressions on the skin.
Grade 2 – (moderate) orange peel appearance already in the standing position, without the aid of any maneuver.
Grade 3 – (severe) deep, mattress-like ripples in the skin and 10 or more deep depressions.

They can also be classified according to the consistency of the skin:

Hard: young patients, with regular physical activity, the orange peel aspect only appears if we compress it with our fingers.

Flabby: Sedentary people and women who have lost a lot of weight, leading to flabbiness.

Edematous: Younger women who take contraceptives. The orange peel sign and the edema are early.

Mixed: This represents the evolution from one old form to another. There can be hardened cellulite on the outer thigh and already have a flaccid form on the inner thigh.

get rid of cellulite fat

How to prevent cellulite?

A balanced diet, weight control, drinking plenty of water, and physical activity greatly improve the cellulite picture by reducing the amount of stored fat and improving tissue drainage. Our teas with incredible benefits can be associated with food to enhance the results.

QWO cellulite injections

Recently, the world of dermatology has developed the first permanent solution to cellulite: the QWO injectable. QWO was approved by the FDA in July 2020 for the permanent treatment of cellulite on the buttocks in women. This is the first procedure that can confidently answer the question of how to get rid of cellulite because reduction is possible after just one injection.

The QWO cellulite injection treatment for cellulite removal is revolutionary when it comes to treating cellulite on the buttocks and upper thighs. QWO, or clostridium histolyticum-aaes collagenase, was approved by the FDA in 2020, making it the first FDA-approved injectable cellulite treatment for women’s buttocks. QWO is able to quickly and permanently remove moderate to severe cellulite by targeting one of the main biological factors of cellulite, the fibrous bands that connect the muscles to the skin. Reducing the thickness of these fibrous streaks relieves tension on the skin above them, eliminating the appearance of a lesion in the affected area. With QWO, cellulite can be reduced and removed without the need for any invasive procedures or downtime.

QWO cellulite fat treatment Los Angeles

Qwo cellulite injections are made in a course of three procedures with an interval of 21 days. (In each buttock – up to 12 injections, takes about 10 minutes.) A visible result is promised a week after the end of the course, that is, in fact, 10 weeks later.

Among the side effects of the drug, hematomas at injection sites, pain, and itching at the injection site were noted. The rest of the procedure does not require rehabilitation.

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